Conservatory Insulation Problems

Conservatory insulation problems are something anyone considering conservatory insulation wants to know about. As with any work that you have done on your home, there are sometimes risks.

Short answer: the problems associated with conservatory insulation are very low risk and not an issue for the vast majority of people who have the work done.

Below we’ll go into conservatory insulation problems in more depth and rate the chance of this problem occurring out of 10. You can then make a fully informed decision.

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What Is A Conservatory Insulation Problem?

Before we go into each problem that can be associated with conservatory insulation, let’s consider what a problem is?

The definition of problem is: a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

So in the case of conservatory insulation, a problem would be an unwelcome result of having conservatory insulation installed.

Conservatory Insulation Problems

Here we will explore some of the small problems with installing conservatory insulation:

Drilling Into The Conservatory Structure

Potential Problem

In order to install conservatory insulation to your home, it is necessary to attach wooden beams to the underside of your conservatory roof. In order to attach these wooden beams, installers need to drill into the conservatory roof structure to attach them.

Whenever you drill into any object, you are going to disrupt it to some extent. Conservatory roofs are no different, by drilling into the roof bars you could potentially cause movement or a crack. This could possibly cause the conservatory roof to start leaking.

Problem Rating - 2/10

A leak to your conservatory roof would be a big issue for any conservatory owner, there is simply no getting around that.

However, the chance of a conservatory insulation installer causing a leak is very very small. These professionals perform this job daily and know exactly which parts of your conservatory it is safe to drill into.

Also, if any reputable installer did disturb your conservatory roof, we would fully expect them to spot this and rectify the issue free of charge.

Drilling Conservatory Structure

Adding Weight To The Conservatory Roof

Potential Problem

If you add an object to the underside of anything, you ultimately add weight to it. It is no different with conservatory insulation, the weight of insulation, wooden beams and uPVC or plasterboard is added to the conservatory roof.

One concern could be that your conservatory roof cannot handle the added weight of conservatory insulation.

Problem Rating - 1/10

The potential problem caused by a conservatory roof collapsing is huge, that’s undeniable. However, the chance of this happening is virtually zero. In our whole time working in the conservatory industry, we have never once heard of a conservatory roof collapsing from the weight of insulation.

The weight of the conservatory insulation will not be very heavy at all. Reputable installers like Conservatory Insulations use extremely lightweight materials and during their free site survey they assess if your conservatory is suitable for conservatory insulation. During this site survey, they consider things such as the weight of any potential snow, the age of your conservatory and the shape of it.

Any reputable installer would never take on a job where there was a chance of the conservatory roof not handling the weight.

Your Conservatory Becoming Too Warm

Potential Problem

The role of insulation is to insulate wherever it is installed. So conservatory roof insulation is supposed to keep your conservatory warm. However, some critics say it could make your conservatory too warm?

Problem Rating - 1/10

Many people who want conservatory insulation are hoping their room will be warmer in winter. So the thought that the insulation could make the room too warm is not really a huge issue.

For some people though, this could potentially be an issue in summer. Although, what is not considered, when people think of this as a problem, is that the added insulation will stop heat coming through the roof in the summer months. This will actually make your conservatory much cooler in the summer months and also has advantages such as stopping sun bleaching.

Invalidating Your Conservatory's Warranty

Potential Problem

When you have a conservatory installed by a reputable company you will often get a warranty on it. So if any problems occur relating to your conservatory they will come back and rectify the issue. However, when you have conservatory insulation installed you could potentially void the warranty as your conservatory will have been altered from it’s original state.

Problem Rating - 4/10

When you spend a lot of money on something, you want it covered by warranty. So invalidating that warranty can be quite a big issue.

However, in the majority of cases these warranties are only valid for a maximum of 10 years. If you are considering conservatory insulation, it is usually because you aren’t happy with your conservatory. This is usually because it’s quite old and not serving the purpose, meaning more than likely the warranty is either up or has a limited time left anyway.

Notoriously companies can also make it extremely hard to claim against your warranty or guarantee. So even if you do have a warranty on your conservatory, it may not be worth turning conservatory insulation down in order to maintain it.

Reputable conservatory insulation companies offer their own 10 year guarantees too. So if there were any issues relating to your conservatory roof, it would more than likely be covered by this anyway.

Conservatory Insulation Warranty

How Bad Are The Problems With Conservatory Insulation?

As you can probably tell, here at Conservatory Advisor, we are big fans of conservatory insulation. This is because we have seen first hand the amazing effect it has had on the homes of conservatory owners for a very low cost.

All of the problems associated with it actually have a very low chance of occurring. In the event that they actually did they would also be very likely to be covered by the warranty/guarantee offered by your installer.

So although it is worth considering these potential problems, we wouldn’t let these put you off exploring the possibility further.

You can get an online estimate for your conservatory insulation on our site.

Conservatory Insulation Problems
Conservatory Insulation Problems

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