How Much Is Conservatory Insulation?

Many people who visit Conservatory Advisor share the same question – how much is conservatory insulation?

The short answer is that generally it will cost between £2,000 and £8,000.

This depends on a range of factors which can influence the price. Below we have explored how these different factors can affect your price. Primarily this is for customers in the United Kingdom, however the same principles should be applicable around the world.

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So, How Much Is Conservatory Insulation?

Conservatory insulation cost can be affected by the following factors:

Size Of Conservatory

This is the biggest factor that will effect the cost of having conservatory insulation installed. Conservatories in the UK can vary massively in size, they can range from 3m x 2m to 10m x 5m.

It will obviously take a lot more labour and material to insulate a 3m x 2m conservatory than it would to insulate a 10m x 5m conservatory.


When asking how much is conservatory insulation, you should also consider your location. Even within the United Kingdom, price can vary massively depending on the area. 

The cost of living in London for example is very different to the cost of living in Newcastle. Therefore, conservatory insulation contractors are likely to charge a much higher price, for their time and material, in areas where the cost of living is higher.

Chosen Installer

Another factor that will impact the cost of your conservatory insulation is the installer you choose to use. Like any product or service, there are higher quality conservatory insulation installers and lower quality insulation installers.

The higher quality installer may take more time installing the insulation or use higher quality materials. Therefore, they will command a higher fee for the job.

Read Installer Reviews

Just because an installer charges a higher price though, this does not mean they will do a better job. Always read an installers reviews before appointing them.

We would recommend Conservatory Insulations if you are based in the United Kingdom.

Type Of Insulation & Finish

As with many other services in the home improvement world, there are many different ways of installing conservatory insulation.

Some installers will use higher quality insulation, this may help your room be more energy efficient and potentially save you more money. Generally the thicker the insulation, the more expensive the insulation will be.

There are also different finishes to go over your insulation. The cheaper option when having conservatory insulation installed is a uPVC covering, however there may be the option to have the insulation plastered over. A plastered ceiling may be more in keeping with the rest of your house but will no doubt cost more.


How Much Does An Insulated Conservatory Roof Cost From A Professional?

Having a conservatory roof insulated by a professional is obviously going to be more expensive than installing it yourself. This is simply because you are paying for the professionals time and expertise.

Conservatory Insulation Cost

As discussed above there is obviously a lot of factors that can influence the how much conservatory insulation costs. However, for general conservatories you can expect to pay between £1,000 and £5,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Insulate A Conservatory Roof Yourself?

If you are very good at DIY, installing conservatory insulation yourself could be an option. You can buy kits from reputable stores like B&Q We would only recommend this if you are highly competent at home improvement – the last thing we want is you to ruin your conservatory roof!

If you insulate your conservatory roof yourself, you aren’t paying for the labour and expertise of a professional company. Therefore you can expect it to cost a lot less, typically between £250 and £500.

How Much Is Insulation For My Conservatory?

Although the above can be useful to provide a rough guidance, we can provide you with a much more accurate quote here at Conservatory Insulation.

We’ll ask you a series of questions before giving you an estimated price and we may even be able to offer a discount with our recommended installer in your area.

How Much Is Conservatory Insulation?
How Much Is Conservatory Insulation?

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