Does Insulating A Conservatory Roof Work?

Many conservatory owners in the United Kingdom are fed up of only being able to use their room at certain times of the year. Whilst many hear that Conservatory Insulation is a great solution, they are all left with the same question. Does insulating a conservatory roof work?

I’ve looked into why you should consider conservatory insulation and whether it actually works.

Spoiler – it definitely does!

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Why Should I Insulate My Conservatory?

Insulation is a critical component of every house in the United Kingdom. Certain sections of your home, such as the loft or walls, may already be insulated. This is done to create a pleasant atmosphere for you and your family.

Why Not Insulate Conservatory

So if you insulate the rest of your home, why would you not insulate your conservatory? Many people don’t and this is why their conservatories are unpleasantly cold in winter and warm in summer.

By insulating a conservatory roof, you can potentially transform your room. Temperature wise, it could allow you to use it all year round rather than just in Spring or Autumn. There are other advantages too such as noise reduction, lower energy bills and stopping sun bleaching.

How Much Heat Does Conservatory Insulation Save?

In the winter, a 4m by 5m glass conservatory would most likely need roughly 3kW of heating.

  • The identical room with conservatory insulation will need about 2.7kW, so anticipate a 10% saving.
  • The identical space with a solid roof would need roughly 2.5kW, resulting in a 16 percent savings by utilizing just insulation.

The maximum that can be saved by insulating a conservatory roof is around 600kW per year. This is the equivalent of around £40. Whilst this is not a huge amount, this number is only going to rise with the current energy crisis we are experiencing in the UK.

conservatory insulation can save money

This may also vary by location. If you are based in the highlands of Scotland it is likely to cost you a lot more to heat your conservatory to a satisfactory level than if you are based in southern England.

One of the biggest impacts of conservatory insulation is how it can transform a room. When compared with the price of an extension this is a huge saving!

Will Insulation Keep the Conservatory Cooler in the Summer?

So now we know that conservatory insulation can make your room warmer in winter. But what is the affect in summer?

In summer, for a conservatory to be cooler, shade is required. When Conservatory Insulation is installed, it stops light coming in, as it would through a traditional conservatory roof. This can help provide shade within your conservatory making it pleasant to sit in.

With the room being far more pleasant to sit in due to the added shade from conservatory insulation, this could lead to other advantages. In a cooler conservatory, pets are more likely to be more comfortable through the summer months and certain types of plants may thrive.

Do Insulated Conservatory Roofs Work?

Conservatory Insulation can save you money on heating bills and also keep your room cool in summer. But do they actually work?

For something to work, it needs to do it’s job successfully. An insulated conservatory roof has 2 jobs, to keep the room dry (the roof part) and to insulate the conservatory (the insulation part).

So do insulated conservatory roofs perform these tasks?

Well if your roof isn’t keep your room dry, it’s not the insulations fault! Your conservatory roof clearly needs replacing.

When it comes to insulating your room, an insulated conservatory roof definitely does this. As discussed above, it keeps heat in the room, meaning it is a lot warmer in winter.

Are Insulated Conservatory Roofs Any Good?

From the heating savings above we know there are huge advantages to conservatory insulation. But is it actually any good? Does insulating a conservatory roof work?

From my long time working in the conservatory world, I have spoken to a lot of homeowners who have had conservatory insulation installed. The resounding opinion is that it has been worth every penny. 

The homeowners I have spoken to love it for a variety of reasons. Some love being able to relax in a cool room looking out on to the garden in summer, whilst others love being able to watch TV in there when it is raining. The one thing they all say is that they don’t regret having it done and would recommend it to anyone who isn’t satisfied with their current conservatory.


In short, does insulating a conservatory roof work? Yes.

Hopefully in this article, I have proven to you that conservatory insulation can be a great addition to any conservatory. Whether your aim is for the room to be warmer in winter, cooler in summer or quieter all year round. We now know conservatory insulation works towards achieving all of these. 

Does Insulating A Conservatory Roof Work?
Does Insulating A Conservatory Roof Work?

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