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About Us

At Conservatory Advisor, we help people all over Bournemouth and surrounding areas with conservatory advice. We specialise in conservatory insulation but also offer advice regarding tiled conservatory roof replacement, new conservatory installations and window replacements.

In the past we have advised on jobs across the Bournemouth area, from Poole to Ringwood. These have mainly consisted of conservatory insulation and conservatory roof replacement jobs.  Our aim is to provide our website visitors with as much information about a topic such as conservatory roof insulation before they make a purchasing decision.

We have strong relationships with the best conservatory insulation companies serving Bournemouth. This has allowed us to secure 25% off for all who live within Dorset postcodes.

What Is Conservatory Insulation?

Conservatory roof insulation is a layer of foil quilted insulation that is installed just below your conservatory roof. This stops poor insulating conservatory roof’s losing as much heat in winter and letting too much heat in, in summer.


There are a few different conservatory insulation companies based in Leeds. So, how do they actually go about installing it this?


Installers attach a layer of foil insulation to wooden beams on the underside of your conservatory roof. This is then covered by either uPVC or plasterboard and plaster, depending on your preference. 


A lot of conservatory owners don’t realise how complex the installation of conservatory insulation can be and try to do it themselves. Although this can work well for a lot of people, we would always recommend using one of Leed’s best conservatory roof insulation installers. These firms complete these installations every single day and guarantee a job completed to great standards.

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Why Get Conservatory Roof Insulation In Bournemouth?

Cooler In Summer

Cooler In Summer

The average high temperature in Bournemouth in July is 22 degrees. This can often make your conservatory feel far too warm and almost inhabitable.

Conservatory Insulation helps to stop as much heat transferring into your conservatory, making it a much more pleasant temperature inside. This will allow you to use it for a few more months every summer.

warmer in winter

Warmer In Winter

The average low temperature in Leeds in December is just 2 degrees. Conservatory Roof Insulation helps to keep the heat in your conservatory, resulting in your room being much more pleasant through those winter months.

This should mean on those freezing winter mornings you can enjoy your conservatory rather than avoiding it until the heating has been on for a good length of time!

Quieter All Year Round

Sadly, like most areas in the UK, Bournemouth gets a lot of rain throughout the year. The average yearly rainfall in Leeds is around 835mm. Rain is very noisy when you are sat in your conservatory. Conservatory insulation can reduce the sound of rain and other noises such as dogs barking significantly.

This can make your room much more pleasant especially if you want to listen to music, sit peacefully or watch your soaps!

reduced energy bills

Reduced Energy Bills

In Bournemouth, just like the rest of the United Kingdom, energy bills have gone through the roof. This is adding hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds to monthly bills.

By insulating your conservatory roof, you could potentially save money just from not having to spend as much heating the room.

You can read more about the advantages of conservatory insulation to an average home in Bournemouth here.

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How Much Is Conservatory Insulation In Bournemouth?

As with any product or services, prices change depending on whereabouts in the country you are. This is the same with conservatory insulation. It is because in some areas the cost of living may be higher, building supplies may be cheaper or their simply might be more demand for insulation companies.

In Bournemouth, the price of conservatory insulation is in line with the average for the United Kingdom. However, prices could also vary depending on the location of your property in Bournemouth.

Obviously, the price also depends on a variety of factors around the job. These include, conservatory size, preferred finish, any electrics which may need moving etc.

Another thing to consider when enquiring about Bournemouth conservatory insulation is whether you can secure a discount. We can secure you a 25% discount and sometimes installers will also offer zero VAT.

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People We Have Helped

“We wanted conservatory insulation after moving into a new home. I got an online quote then a contractor came and provided an accurate one 2 days later”
Shannon, Bury
“Our conservatory was only useable 5 months of the year. After reading the advice of Conservatory Advisor, we decided to install conservatory insulation.”
Joanne, Charlestown
“We were going to replace our conservatory roof until we stumbled across Conservatory Advisor. Their advice led to us saving a fortune by installing conservatory insulation”
Patrick, Trafford

Areas Covered

All of the Bournemouth focused conservatory insulation companies we work with, are vetted, to ensure that only the top companies are recommended to you. We have built a relationship with these companies over some time and have managed to secure you a 25% discount.

Some of the areas we can secure discount for include: Bournemouth Town Centre, Broadstone, New Milton, Burley, RIngwood, Ferndown, Verwood, Wimborne, Wareham and many more places.

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