About Us

How It Started


Conservatory Advisor was started after I recently helped my parents replace their conservatory roof.


For years they’d been unhappy with only being able to get use out of the room at certain times of the year. They assessed several options including building a new extension, installing conservatory insulation and replacing the roof. 


We searched for hours on the internet looking for the best solution, however, there was very little impartial advice around. All websites were trying to sell their own product.


Eventually they decided to replace the roof and now they use the room 365 days of the year.


However, this got me thinking, there must be hundreds of people who experience the same issues with their conservatory and there is very little help out there.


That’s why I decided to start Conservatory Advisor, so people could read an independent opinion and fully understand the advantages/disadvantages of conservatory improvement work.

Why Should You Trust My Advice?

When I helped my parents replace their conservatory roof, I saw the difference it made to their property. This inspired me to learn more about how conservatory’s can be built and changed to maximise their potential. It has led me to helping hundreds of homeowners insulate their conservatory, replace their roof or have a new one built.


Although I do recommend selected contractors, I am completely impartial. So I would never recommend a contractor who isn’t a good fit for your job.


There won’t be many conservatory dilemmas I haven’t seen before so get in touch for any advice!

Conservatory advisor Testimonials

“For years we were frustrated by our conservatory being too noisy whenever it rained. Conservatory Advisor recommended a roof replacement company and now I can finally watch TV in there even when it rains haha!”


Trafford, Manchester

Conservatory Advisor